Insulated Glass


At Glenny Glass we utilize two state of the art insulated Glass lines. Insulating Line 1 is a Lisec Line with Forel Sealing Robot and Insulating Line 2 is a High Speed Bystronic line.

This state of the art equipment has the capabilitiy to dual-seal units, using aluminum spacers, polyisobutilene primary sealant and polysulfide secondary sealant. We also use silicone as a secondart sealant.

We offer a wide variety of High Performance Low-E coated glass products, including double and triple stack Low-E products from AGC, Guardian and Pilkington. A range of tinted, reflective and pattern glass is also available. Units can also be Argon filled at your request. Specialty pattern units, units with internal muntins and even units with "doggie door" cut-outs are available.

We can produce Insulated Glass Units for virtually any application you may encounter. Products are certified by IGCC-Insulating Glass Certification Council.

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