Custom Laminated Glass


Glenny Glass' specialty products division is equipped to handle your custom laminated glass needs! We can produce custom makeups in thicknesses ranging from 1/4" to 1-1/2" and beyond! Both using annealed and tempered component lites, with low-e options as well. Whether you're after the safety benefits of laminated glass or its excellent sound dampening properties, we have a solution for you!
Furthermore, Glenny Glass offers a comprehensive catalog of custom laminated glass. Including a wide range of interlayers to fit your needs, such as:
SGP- A durable and rigid interlayer that adds structural integrity to handrails and prevents them from collapsing even if the glass is broken.
Custom Printed- We offer interlayers that can be printed with any image or pattern of your choosing, perfect for corporate office logos or obscuring graphics.
Custom Color- We offer solid color interlayers in a huge variety of colors. Perfect for an elegant vision blocking solution.

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