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Glenny Decorative Glass

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Glenny Decorative Glass

Apr 30, 2021
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Glenny Glass's Decorative and Specialty Products Division offers a comprehensive product line that can help you meet even your most exacting customer's needs!

Custom Laminated Glass

While you may already be aware that Deco produces our tempered and high thickness laminated glass, we also offer a variety of exotic options to meet any customer's aesthetic vision.  This inlcludes interlayers available in a wide variety of colors, interlayers printed with custom designs, and we're even capable of laminating other materials to provide a unique textured look while maintaining the saftey and sound control benefits of laminated glass. Furthermore we offer SGP interlayers that provide incredible rigidity and will keep glass upright even when both of the constituent lites have broken. This rigidity is a must for handrail applications, especially in elevated high traffic areas such as office atriums, museums, airports, and schools.

Backpainted Glass

We here in Deco refuse to sacrifice form for function, and our specially formulated backpainting process certainly delivers! This is an entirely different product from the standard spandrel paint you may be more familiar with. Formulated in Italy, our paint uses an integrated glass adhesion promoter and coats glass quickly and easily with a uniform finish that is durable enough to be handled and installed without fear of flaking. The coat is also thick and consistent enough that unlike spandrel you don't have to worry about unisghtly light spots shining through! We offer white and Black as standard colors and have them on hand as a stocked item, however we can match any standard paint color and many non-standard colors with only a week of lead time added (for very small quantity orders there may be an associated setup charge). Installation is as simple as any other monolithic piece and our product can be mounted directly to surfaces using any neutral-cure silicone for use as a backsplash or wall cladding for a stunning look (please note Mirror Mastic is not compatible). It can even be cut and fabricated post painting so you can use them as a stock sheet for special projects!

Internal Blinds

Where privacy and discretion are required, our internal blinds are just the ticket! We offer solutions that accommodate all applications, with both string and rod operated mechanisms, and options for tilting and retracting blinds we have what your customer needs!

For quoting, ordering, and techincal questions on these products please contact either Ralph Sabato or Joy Ritter and we will be happy assist you.

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