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Laminated Glass

Finished Lami


We produce our laminated units in house to assure the highest quality standards along with fast lead times. Our large range of glass types, and capabilities allow us to give you a wide variety of product offerings. We offer custom makeups in thicknesses ranging from 1/4" to 1-1/2", annealed and tempered component lites, low-e options, or fabricated options such as, drill holes, cut outs, flat polish, and more. Whether you're after the safety benefits of laminated glass or its excellent sound dampening properties, we have a solution for you!
Laid up lami unit

Architectural Laminated Glass applications include . . .
• Exterior Entrances, Storefronts, Curtainwalls/Window Systems
• Interior Partition Walls / Glazing for Demountable Partitions
• Glass Railing and Glass Stair Railing
• Glass Canopy Systems
• Annealed, Heat Strengthened or Tempered 
• Insulated Units with laminated Glass
• Standard and Custom Shapes (Click here for our standard shape catologue) 

Interlayer (EVA) thicknesses include:
• .015"
• .030"
• .045"
• .060"
• .090"

Interlayer Types Include:
EVA - This is our standard interlayer type. EVA interlayer is known for its excellent mechanical, optical, and adhesive properties. 
•  SGP - A durable and rigid interlayer that adds a higher level of structural integrity to handrails and prevents them from collapsing even if the glass were to be broken. ***Limited availability, please contact us for more information.
•  Custom Printed - We offer interlayers that can be printed with any image or pattern of your choosing. Perfect for corporate office logos or obscuring graphics. 
•  Custom Color - We offer solid color interlayers in a wide variety of colors. 

Full Fabrication Capabilities:
• Polished Edges
• Holes / Cut Outs
• Special Shapes

*Sizes up to 96" x 140" 
Contact us for quotes and lead times

**Any fabrication work on laminated glass is by quote only


Laminated Glass 5 year Warranty

For more information, contact your cusrtomer service rep or our Lamination Department Manager Josh Webb here. 

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