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New Bottero Automated Laminated Cutting Table!

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New Bottero Automated Laminated Cutting Table!

Apr 30, 2021
Glass warehouse

Introducing our new Bottero automated Lami cutting table!

This mean machine can cut annealed laminated glass up to 5 times faster than traditional manual cutting methods.

Laminated sheets are fed into the machine, which then scores the upper and lower glass lites simultaneously with a pair of razor sharp glass cutters.
Mechanical arms then break and separate the glass to expose the interlayer, at which time a full-length infrared heat knife raises up, cutting the
interlayer cleanly, safely, quickly, and precisley.

Thanks to the benefits of this equipment, we can offer lightning fast turnaround on cut-size laminated glass at stunning prices, even at higher volumes.

Glenny Glass is ready and willing to handle your next Laminated Glass project, big or small!

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