Insulated Glass-


We can insulate a variety of glass types that will optimize their thermal performance as well as enhance their structural beauty. When it comes to insulated glass, we can give you exactly what you need and go that extra mile to follow it through all the way to the finish.

Our Lisec insulated glass line is IGCC certified and state of the art. We dual-seal our IG units, using an aluminum spacer, a polyisobutilene primary sealant and a polysulfide secondary sealant. We can also silicone seal IG units for “butt-glaze” applications. These units include a 10-year non-prorated warranty against seal failure. We can also supply IG units with colonial muntin bars. These muntin bar units include a full 5-year warranty.

Specialty patterned units, Argon gas filled units, and the newest state of the art Low-E coated glass units are also available, enabling you to meet any requirement you may encounter.

We have the capability to produce units that will cover all applications using a variety of glass types and colors, in quantities large and small.

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