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GlazeGuard® 1000 WR is a composite panel made by laminating either textured or smooth aluminum skins to high density polypropylene stabilizers. These plastic stabilizers surround a core of expanded po...
Glass window

Glenny Glass is now making Between the Glass Blinds in our new Decorative Division Building. The new building houses an insulated glass manufacturing line that is 100% dedicated to the manufacturing o...

glass walk

From floors to ceilings, windows to walls, the applications of glass is constantly expanding. Glenny Glass and the Decorative Division specialize in these cutting edge applications of glass. Glenny Gl...

Here at Glenny Glass we work hard to be your full service glass supplier. Recently we sent out an email asking if there was a need for us to start carrying SS Low-E glass.
Based on your feedback w...
Decorative Division Expansion. Our New Laminating Machine, Higher Capacity! Shorter Lead Times! Superior Quality!
We’ve just installed a new Lammy Can (glass laminating kiln) in our Decorative Divisi...
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