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We are very pleased to have added a second quality control linescanner to our production process. 

After finding success in improved quality with our first Linescanner on our furnace, we decided to i...

Online WEB OE Guidelines

Online WEB Order Entry with Glenny Glass is Here to Stay! 

Get 2% off all orders entered online.

Quote and order glass remotely from your desktop or on your phone. 

Works on 90% of all unit makeups...

SoftSolutions LineScanner

New Quality Control Linescanner From SoftSolutions

Our linescanner has been installed, up and running since August of 23' at the outfeed of our TCME1 Tempering Furnace Line.

We implemented this equi...

Moffet Truck

Updated Fleet List

APR 24, 2023

With a fleet of 15 Moffet Trucks, Boom Trucks, Box Trucks, and rack trucks, Glenny can deliver whatever you want when you need it !

  • 3 x Moffet trucks - Allow us to deliver L bucks and cases to your...
Shape Beveller / Polisher

At Glenny, we are contantly expanding, growing, and improving. That's why we have upgraded our shape beveler and polisher to get the highest quality shaped fabrication to you. 

Our new Bavelloni SB10...

In Action

Our new state of the art vertical CNC will mill hinges, drill holes, and even polish the edges of your shower doors
precisely and automatically!

The Vertical CNC allows us to fabricate high quality sh...


In House Process video

Glenny Glass is excited to announce the addition of the Diamon-Fusion Protective Coating & FuseCube! After researching all of the glass coatings available in the market, we bel...

Glass warehouse

Thanks to the benefits of this equipment, we can offer lightning fast turnaround on cut-size laminated glass at stunning prices, even at higher volumes.

Laminated sheets are fed into the machine, whi...

brick with glass

Glenny Glass's Decorative and Specialty Products Division offers a comprehensive product line that can help you meet even your most exacting customer's needs!

Custom Laminated Glass

While you may al...


Recently we put into service a brand new boom truck! Now with four we can promptly deliver to job sites or drop off cases to your shop. We also have 5 glass rack trucks and a 24 foot box truck to serv...

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