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Insulated Glass


At Glenny Glass we utilize two state of the art insulated glass lines.  Our Residential line is a Lisec Line with a Forel Sealing Robot and our Commercial line is a high speed Bystronic line.
Our Insulating lines provide a dual-seal, using a  polyisobutilene primary sealant along with either a polysulfide secondary sealant or a silicone secondary sealant. 
Our Insulated products are IGCC certified - We can produce insulated glass units for virtually any application you may encounter at an industry leading lead time.
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We offer but are not limited to:

  • A range of tinted, reflective, Low-E, and pattern glass
  • Argon filled units 
  • Triple-Pane units
  • Specialty patterns
  • Internal muntins
  • Standard and Custom Shapes (Click here for our standard shape catologue) 
  • Aluminum spacer in various colors and sizes
  • Super Spacer in various sizes
  • Spandrel
  • Doggie door Cut-outs
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Lite Thickness - Given glass type, we typically offer:

  • Tempered IG  - 1/8" 5/32" 3/16" 1/4" 
  • Annealed IG  - SS 1/8" 5/32" 3/16" 1/4"

LOW-E Glass - Our high performance Low-E coated glass products, including double and triple pane from:

  • Guardian - SNX 62/27, SN68, RLE 70/36, 
  • Pilkington - Energy Advantage
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Internal Muntins 
Not all colors and types are avaliable in all sizes, check with your customer service rep here for availability. 

  • Colonial Flat & Colonial Flat 2-Tone
  • Profile (Raised Center) & Profile (Raised Center) 2-Tone
  • 3/4" Black double perforated spacer muntins
  • Radius
  • Colors can include:
    • White, Bronze, Tan, Mill, Champagne, Green, or Black


  • Aluminum Spacer (Ranging between 3/16 - 3/4)
  • Tinted Spacer (Black, and Bronze available in limited thicknesses)
  • Super Spacer (Gray - Ranging between 3/16-3/4)

All Glenny Glass Insulated products are certified by the Insulated Glass Certification Council (I.G.C.C.)

  • The Insulating Glass Certification Council (IGCC) is a non-profit organization jointly established by manufacturers, consumers, specifiers, and others concerned with the quality and performance of insulating glass units.

  • IGCC sponsors and directs an independent, true third-party certification program.

  • Periodic laboratory tests, per (ASTM) specifications, and unannounced plant quality audits and inspections assure the quality and performance of sealed insulated glass products.


10-Year IG Warranty (5 year Muntin IG, Pattern & Super Spacer Warranty)
Certifications - 2427, 5386, 5387
Size Restrictions 

For a full list of insulated glass types click here.
For questions or more information contact your customer service rep here.

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